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We realize that the lot of you do not necessarily visit live sex cam rooms for the “chit chat”. However, conversation is a big part of the adult web cam experience. How you present yourself in text form can make a big difference in determining how good of a time you have in the long run. I am happy to assist in equipping you with basic chat etiquette in the blissfully debauched land of adult webcams – aside from maintaining manners & respect as should be exercised in all social situations, explicit content or not. 😉

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Free adult chat is free for a reason. Upon entering the lair of a cam girl for the first time, if she is not engaged in a show you will have the option to talk to her, among a slew of her other admirers. This is not the place she performs her show or honors your requests but it is a great means of determining if she is a good fit for your desires. A simple introduction is always suitable and someone who has a more extensive vocabulary than the usual chat short hand “hi bb. hru?” is sure to stand out… but perhaps you don’t want to stand out? Play as you will.

It is here that you can find out what she will do in her private shows and what implements she has to do so with but make sure you read her profile page and show description first before inundating her with redundant questions that have already been answered (though it is always polite to verify). Don’t get frustrated if you don’t have her full attention while in free chat land, she is not entitled to give it to you here and usually can’t on a high traffic day, but she will usually make effort if you are a regular or someone that was good to her before (which is where her attention usually is.). Some girls will flash or do other tricks for tips to allow a bit of a preview but her end goal is doing a private show- just as it should be yours if you are perusing the free chat rooms on cam girl sites to begin with. We are used to freeloaders (those with no intention of paying ever and likely are already wanking vigorously, trying to veer the model into doing something that pleasures them for free) and have no problem blocking or banning persistent ones from our rooms- ain’t nobody got time for that, especially when there are so many paying customers who appreciate what we do and pay us well for it. So, show your interest and don’t lurk. Small talk isn’t necessary but usually reciprocated, especially if it is a low traffic day. Use your manners & save the dirty talk for the show, unless the model states otherwise.

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Public free sex chat

Most sites offer public free sex chat to accommodate multiple viewers at once. Many girls announce in advance what they will do during this time and invite her admirers to take part. You may not have her undivided attention in a busy room (once again, tips work splendidly to receive that above the others and have more say in how the show goes.) but may be able to make requests and there is no harm in trying. Here, it is appropriate to one hand type your lust onto the screen but you will be surrounded by other viewers, doing the same. Some sites allow an ‘anonymous’ option so that what you type is not seen by others viewers and they may have theirs enabled as well. Or, you can just be a quiet voyeur content on watching your model perform for the whims of others or herself without obligation. You’re at least paying so you’re all set.

Exclusive one on one chat

This is where you receive your model’s undivided attention. Free from the demands of others or the stress of entertaining multiple people at once, she can hone in on what it is that makes you tick. This usually costs a little bit extra but it well worth it if you want the most personal show ever. (many models in the fetish/bondage section or those who do roleplay will usually only perform in Exclusive due to the intricate nature of that genre.) If you are the silent type, don’t be discouraged- simply say so and that you are ok with whatever she would like to do, or follow through on arrangements made in free chat and other requests. Though models are used to occasional silent viewers who don’t speak up, it is good that you state either way what your intentions are. It can be unnerving to do a show without any feedback at all and make us question ourselves which kills the sexy a bit. If in doubt, shower her in compliments, especially if she is touching upon something that pleases you greatly. It is easy enough to one hand type a “mmm” or “yesss” every so often to verify that she is doing something you enjoy immensely (and we are used to it!). Upon leaving, a “thank you” and a positive rating or comment is always appreciated and she will likely remember you next time and be more keen to greet you personally when you find yourself in her free chat again later.

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Email Exchanges

Cam girls like unsolicited dick pics even less than random girls you meet in a bar. (I personally charge people to view theirs) For your first contact, be sure to use your manners and don’t presume that the model wants to see what’s in your pants right away- that reeks of “over eager, horny freeloader” to us, someone who will likely blow their load upon a response before the show even begins and as professionals, we are not interested in the show being over before it begins. Not to mention, we receive enough as it is. Email to inquire about scheduling/availability or to discuss show ideas/requests. You can pick a pseudonym if you like as well. Just as we hide our real names, we will respect you in doing the same. It can be our little secret.

Some models may not give a shit how you conduct yourself either way. It really depends on them and what they encourage or don’t in their rooms. My best advice to you with every cam girl though, is to follow her lead and be polite as a default until you know otherwise. Consider each cam girl as her own country with her own laws.

I leave you with some basic no-no’s, things never to ask and continue to harp on while interacting with ANY cam girl:
“What is your REAL name?” We take a pseudonym for a reason, usually many. I have no problem giving you another fake one if you won’t shut up about it. There, now you know, or think you do. Can I move on to someone more fun who won’t pester me to know my real name like it matters?
“Where do you live? Town? Address?” It is fine to do the “Hey baby, where are you from?” shtick and expect at least a state or region to be answered but prying into a more exact location is creepy to us and will not get a truthful answer. Do you blame us? It’s not like we will meet you in person, which leads me to…
“Will you meet me in person? Date? Escort service?” We are cam girls, not prostitutes. No disrespect meant to our sisters who make their living in the flesh doing sex work, but a cam model is meant to be interacted with on the internet only- no matter how much you offer to make it “worth her while”. An independent model who didn’t sign a contract to work on a third party site (all of which disallow their models to partake in meeting customers off the site) may be more open but even then- if she clearly states she will not- then drop it. We have plenty of customers who have no interest in meeting face to face or would love to but aren’t so obtrusive about trying to do so. If you are seeking escort services, then please seeks escorts, not cam girls.

Happy camming!

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